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These Holiday Foods Are a Pain in the Mouth

These Holiday Foods Are a Pain in the Mouth

| December 20, 2021

It’s no secret that the holiday season means indulging in a lot of foods we wouldn’t ordinarily eat—including sweets. But where your oral health is concerned, these treats can mean an unexpected trip to the dentist if eaten in excess.

Candy Canes

These beloved hook-shaped candies, minty as they may be, are the furthest thing from healthy for your teeth and gums. The hardness of candy canes makes them a hazard for chipping and even breaking teeth entirely—if you aren’t careful. Plus, the high sugar content is a cavity waiting to happen.

Soda and Sparkling Drinks

The fizziness in soda and sparkling wine might make holiday cocktails more exciting to drink, but these drinks can do a number on your enamel. Highly-carbonated, sugary beverages can wear away at enamel when consumed over time, especially if not drank through a straw.


Who doesn’t love a good pie during the holidays? The only problem is most pies are loaded with refined sugar—especially store-bought varieties. Instead, try making your own pie and opt for fresh fruits instead of canned to help cut back on added sugars; fruit is naturally sweet!

Red Wine

Like soda, coffee, and other dark drinks, red wine can take our teeth from pearly white to stained and purple in a matter of sips. If you’re going to drink wine, consider a white or blush to prevent staining.

Toffees and Brittles

Toffee, peanut brittle, and other holiday “barks” pose a similar threat to your teeth as candy canes—they’re hard to chew and sugary—making them a routine cause of chipped or broken teeth this time of year. The stickiness of bark also gets left on the surface of your teeth, and can create a haven for bacteria.

Be wary of the sweets you enjoy this season, and prevent an emergency trip to the dentist during the happiest time of year!

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